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Many people said she wouldna??t be successful, but she wanted to make a name for herself and persevered until it all came true. According to interviews, Shy Love believes that while ita??s great to be beautiful, sexy and smart, you have think like a man to succeed. In 2003, she began her own production company called a??Shy Lovea??s Productions.a?? Her first three contract girls were Brooke Haven, Nadia Styles and Jenna Presley. The first title movie released under her new brand was a??That 70a??s Hoa??, a parody of the famous network television sitcom That 70s Show. The second movie was called, a??Vicious Girls Gone Bada?? and stayed to a more conventional scriptless gonzo fuck format. Ms. Love has been featured in more than 350 feature titles and has directed 17 movies. She has worked for top names such as Vivid, PurePlay, Wicked, Smut, Red Light District, Smut and others. 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